So, you want to see sharks?


The ferocious looking, but docile, sand tiger shark is one of our biggest attractions. While there is always the chance encounter, here are the sites where sharks are typically present in large numbers:

  • Spar
  • Caribsea
  • Atlas
  • Naeco
  • Hutton (AKA The Papoose)

The actual name of The Liberty Ship is the Theodore Parker. The Theodore Parker is a 441 foot long liberty ship and is resting in 60 feet of water with the highest decks at 30 feet. It is about 4 miles southwest of Beaufort Inlet and a mile and a half off of the beach. Because of the close proximity to the beach, visibility is usually 15-20 feet.

During the summer, the water temperature ranges from the upper 70's to the low 80's. Large schools of sheephead and spadefish can be seen swimming around the wreck. Sea bass and flounder can also be seen regularly. The bottom is very silty and can be very easily stirred up by diver's fins.

The Theodore Parker was built in March of 1943 and made several crossings of the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. Her main cargo was food and material for the war effort. On November 16, 1944, the Theodore Parker left Hull, England bound for New York. As she was 75 miles from the mouth of the Humber River, she struck a mine. She returned to Hull and remained there for three months while repairs were carried out. On February 23, 1945, she left Hull and arrived in New York on March 9, 1945. After the war, she was placed in the Merchant Marine Reserve Fleet on the James River.

In 1974, the Theodore Parker was bought by the state of North Carolina to be used in the artificial reef program. The superstructure was cut away so the second deck became her top deck. The Theodore Parker was sunk on June 4, 1974.

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2013Join us March 7, 2015 at the Bryant Student Center, Carteret Community College, Morehead City in support of the East Carolina Artificial Reef Association.  Click here for more info on this great event and how you can help to bring more Wrecks to the Graveyard of the Atlantic.