A Message About Covid-19

Dear Divers,

We wanted to reach out to our customers and diving family to communicate some thoughts and information relative to scuba diving and the COVID-19 virus. First, we want to thank you for being our customers and we wanted to wish you and your family the best through this trying time.

As the virus and news cycle has progressed, we have been getting some questions about the virus from customers that are either diving with us or calling to make reservations. No doubt you have been getting some emails from various companies about enhanced cleaning protocols, etc. So, we wanted to tell you what we are doing at Discovery to make sure that if you are visiting us soon, you have full confidence that your health and safety are not just suddenly important, but have always been at the forefront of everything we do.

So it is a great time to go diving! Dive in your local area, or if you need to get away, we are here for you, but just get some bottom time soon. After all, diving is good for the soul. We are a small shop, therefore with a low volume of traffic, set in a picturesque town. We are near very beautiful uncrowded beaches, where the wild horses roam the islands, and the maritime forest is graceful at the water’s edge. Beaufort has been voted the coolest small town thrice over, and is one of the most beautiful and historic places to visit. We are open, ready, running dive trips, and teaching recreational and instructor level classes. If you are not comfortable with the idea of flying right now, don't forget you can drive right to us. Gas prices have dropped making it more affordable. When was the last time you took some time for yourself and went diving? If it’s been awhile, go have some fun, go dive!  

The main question we get is about dive gear, but specifically rental gear. "Is it safe to use?", "Can I get the virus from using it?” Here is a great article from DAN (Diver's alert Network) about that very subject https://dan.org/safety-prevention/diver-safety/divers-blog/disinfecting-scuba-equipment-covid-19/
Here are just a few of the many processes, protocols and/or precautions we take at Discovery Diving to minimize any chance of the virus spreading:

  • Rental Gear - Our process: First we rinse all of our rental gear with fresh water and then soak it in a tub with a 10% Clorox solution. After that, we rinse it thoroughly with fresh water and hang it up to dry. Clorox is used in many industries and homes to sanitize non-porous and porous surfaces including: countertops, tables, toys and much more. It also works great on regulators, masks, snorkels etc. Important Note: We didn't just start doing this because of the virus, it has been standard operating procedure for many years.
  • Checking In – We use paper releases for checking you in as well as paper forms for rentals. With a paper release, you won’t have to worry about using a device that may or may not have been wiped down frequently enough. Both of these forms are available on our website if you would rather fill them out before hand and bring them in or email them in at your convenience. The link to the charter forms is listed below for both air and nitrox charter releases and rental forms.  
  • YOUR Gear - Like all dive shops we have rinse tanks as well as fresh water hoses for your gear after trips and this seems to have worked without incident since the beginning of time. Rinse tanks will still be available, because it's still a good place to dip your gear to get the salt off. However, we are enhancing this by adding in a 10% Clorox solution into the rinse tank, and also providing fresh water hoses at the docks. So, if you prefer to soak your gear in the rinse tank but still want to rinse your gear after you get off the boat, you may do so with a hose.
  • Our Hotel Partner - Like other well-respected hoteliers, the Beaufort Harbour Suites is deploying enhanced sanitization protocols, schedules, and precautions to make sure your dive vacation is as clean and comfortable as it can be while you are on your "surface intervals."  

With the cancellation of most schools and events to curtail the spread of the Covid-19 virus it seems to be leaving people with precious little recreational options or fun ways to spend their time.

We hope to see you this spring or this summer, and until then, we wish you the best in health, life and of course diving!

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